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Curriculum vitae

CV - James Quick

James Quick embodies the idea that a person can excel in multiple fields. He is an athlete, manager, investor, businessman, lobbyist, and political activist. Most notably, he consistently fights for fundamental human rights in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Activism for Human Rights

Quick has courageously spoken against former Czech Prime Ministers and left a lasting impression. He organized pivotal demonstrations at Wenceslas Square in Prague. These protests challenged the consolidation of power by Prime Ministers and potential human rights violations. As a result, he became a symbol of resistance and showed that determined action can effect real change.

Anti-Corruption and Business Ventures

From 2005 to 2015, Quick worked with the Central Register of Debtors. Later, he continued his anti-corruption work with until 2021. This experience showcases his firm stance against unethical behavior and power abuse.

Philanthropic Efforts

Quick also has a strong philanthropic reputation. He has helped survivors of a tragic firefighter incident in Česká Lípa. Furthermore, he organized a collection for a disabled boy. His service to society extends far beyond just politics and business.

Legal Actions in Sports

In 2014, Quick exposed suspected corruption by Vladimir Růžička, the national team’s coach. This exposure led to legal proceedings, highlighting Quick’s role as a watchdog for public interests.

Sports and Personal Life

Sports, especially biathlon, marked Quick’s early life. Despite health limitations that prevented a professional sports career, he remains active in recreational sports. He also holds a coaching license and offers guidance.

Present Contributions

Now, James Quick focuses on diverse projects ranging from sports to tech startups. Moreover, his work in global anti-corruption systems and independent journalism extends his influence beyond the Czech Republic.

In Conclusion

James Quick isn’t just a sum of his actions; he sets an example of broad societal impact. His dynamic career and unwavering public interest make him a notable figure.